Yendu Kobbari Rava Laddu ~ Dry Coconut Rava Laddu

Letter ‘Y’ was one of the tough letters in this A-Z Challenge, Journey Through Telangana Cuisine. However, dishes for these two letters were decided months ago, when I first made the initial list back in Fall. When I seriously started working on this BM couple of months ago, I realized there might be a hole […]

Sheera ~ Sooji Halwa

Sheera is a sweet prepared with broken whole wheat (godhuma rava). This is a must preparation during Satyanarayana vratham and is prepared as one of the prasadams (offering to god). It is traditionally prepared with cream of whole wheat (wheat rava) but i made it with sooji as I did not have wheat rava on […]

Tomato Bhaat

For this week’s Cooking from Cookbook Challenge, I have a quick and easy recipe; tomato bhaat. Is it tomato bhaat or tomato upma? After reading the ingredients list, don’t ask me why it is called Bhaat. I asked myself the same question last week, when I found this recipe in my recipes folder. I thought […]

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