Chintapandu Pulihora ~ Tamarind Rice

Pulihora is a traditional South Indian flavored rice. It is a tart/tangy rice and lime juice, tamarind or mango are the tart/tangy fruit used to prepare this rice. Tamarind or chintapandu pulihora and lime or nimmakaya pulihora are most common preparations while mango or mamidikaya pulihora is seasonal. Chintapandu pulihora is a tangy flavored rice […]

Pappu & Pachi Pulusu

In this A-Z challenge, Journey Through Telangana Cuisine, I knew right away what I was going to do for some of the letters. One such letter is ‘P’. It was always ‘P’ for pachi pulusu and since pappu also starts with ‘P’, decided to make it a combo on the day I prepared it. Pappu […]

Miryala Chaaru

Rasam or chaaru is one of my favorite comfort foods. In winters, especially on a cold snowy winter day like today, it is always on top of my list.   I made this soup today but the picture is from last month.   It snowed all day today and there was very little natural light.  I […]

Cabbage Pachadi

This Cabbage Thuvayal or Cabbage Chutney or Cabbage Pachadi is a tried and tasted recipe from The Singing Chef. This month, her blog is the featured blog on Tried and Tasted, hosted by Divya, an event started by Zlamushka.  When I saw the event announcement, I had bookmarked baked stuffed chilies from Raaga’s blog. I […]

Rasam ~ Chaaru

Rasam or Chaaru is one of my favorite Indian Soups.  Chaaru is usually served with rice and is a perfect comfort food in cold, winter weathers.  I for one, don’t mind eating it anytime of the year!  I am so fond of chaaru that when growing up, whenever I visited my aunt, she would prepare […]

Pappu Charu

This is a common dish in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This is a lentil stew made of toor dal, tamarind and variety of vegetables such as okra, brinjal or egg plant, beans, carrots, radish, bottle gourd or aanyapakaya or kadhu, drum sticks, pearl onions and beans. In this recipe I use bottle gourd, carrots […]

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