Multi Colored Vermicelli Pudding ~ Vermicelli Payasam

Vermicelli payasam or kheer is one of the traditional sweets prepared all across India. It is a delicious, quick & easy preparation for many festivals Vermicelli is also known as semiya or seviyan. To prepare paysam, roast it in ghee, then cook in milk and garnish with roasted nuts. As with any recipe, there are […]

Shevayachi Kheer ~ Vermicelli Pudding

Last February when I met some of my blogging group friends in Chennai, Pradnya gave us a goodie bag which had a small packet of homemade whole wheat vermicelli. She said making vermicelli at home is a popular summer activity in small towns of Maharashtra. Sun dried vermicelli is then stored in airtight containers and […]

Knafeh for Home Bakers Challenge

For the month of June, Nupur picked some Arabic desserts for the home bakers challenge. I chose to bake Knafeh. Knafeh is also known as knafe, kunafeh, knafah, konafah, konafeh in various Arabic countries. It is a baked Arabic dessert made with sweetened ricotta cheese that has a thin noodles or vermicelli as a base. […]

Honey Vermicelli Payasam for breakfast!

Phew! I am almost at the finish line! This concludes my 15 day blogging marathon. It was fun doing the marathon but at times, it was a little stressful coming up with a post every day. A week into the marathon, I kept wondering how my buddies are doing a month long marathon? Kudos to […]

Wish you all a Happy Ugadi!!!

Wish you all a Happy Ugadi and a Happy New Year to everyone who celebrates it today, according to the hindu lunisolar calendar.  After coming to the USA, I have not celebrate Ugadi in a long time.  I normally do not do anything special for Ugadi, like the other festivals. For me it is like […]

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