Oats Upma, Savory Steel Cut Oats

Steel Cut Oats Upma

-  Healthy breakfast -  Iron, protein & fiber rich   -  Instant Pot recipe


Step 1

Set Instant Pot to saute mode.  Heat oil and let the tempering seeds pop.

Step 2

Add green chilies, ginger and sauté until raw smell of ginger dissipates.

Step 3

Add curry leaves, peanuts and sauté until peanuts are roasted.

Step 4

Sauté onions and then lightly roast steel cut oats.

Step 5

Add water, season to taste, close the lid and pressure cook for 5 minutes.

Step 6

Release pressure naturally, open the lid, sprinkle cilantro, mix and serve hot.

Serve hot as is or with some pickle on the side.

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