Gluten free instant oats with a chutney for morning breakfast

Gluten Free Instant Dosa ~ Savory Crepes

Gluten free oats dosa is lacy, savory, instant Indian crepe.

Course Breakfast, Light Meal
Cuisine Indian
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Resting Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes


  • ¼ cup Old Fashioned Oats powdered
  • 2 tbsp Rice Flour
  • 2 tbsp Cream of Rice
  • ¼ - ⅓ tsp Salt
  • 1 small Green Chili
  • Ginger piece
  • 4 curry Leaves chopped
  • Cilantro chopped
  • 1 - 1 ¼ cup Water
  • Oil to cook dosa


  1. Grind old fashioned oats to powder.
  2. In bowl mix together oats flour, rice flour, cream of rice and salt.
  3. To this add green chili and ginger, either ground to paste or finely chopped. Also add curry leaves and cilantro.
  4. Mix everything well and make a batter using 1 cup of water. Add more water, if required. The batter should be thinner than regular dosa batter and you won’t get a lacy texture wit thick batter.
  5. Let the batter rest for 15 - 20 minutes.
  6. Heat a pan and using a piece of paper towel, rub some oil.
  7. When the pan is hot, pour a ladle of batter in a circular manner, starting from the outside and filling in. If the pan is not hot enough or the batter is thick, you won’t get a lacy texture.
  8. Drizzle some oil around the dosa and cook until the bottom is brown. Now, serve it or for a more crispier and brown color, flip the dosa and cook until it browns.
  9. Serve it with or without a chutney.

Recipe Notes