Nuvvula Annam

Sesame Seeds Rice, South Indian Style

What is nuvvula annam?

-- Spicy, nutty & flavorful rice. -- Great for lunch boxes.    -- Serve with yogurt or raita. -- Comforting meal.  -- Great recipe to use up leftover rice.

Roast Spices

Toast sesame seeds, red chilies and then cumin seeds.

Spice Mix

Once toasted spices cool, grind to a coarse powder.

Prepare Rice

Cook rice and let it cool.  Then mix spice mix, season to taste.

Prepare Tadka

Use a ghee or combination of oil & ghee for tadka.

Final Step

Pour tadka over seasoned rice.  Mix properly.

Serving Suggestions 

Serve as is, with some yogurt, raita or some chicken curry.

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