Zucchini Pachadi

Zucchini Pachadi

 South Indian Chutney 

Fingerlicking condiment. Side dish for rice & dosa. Great spread for sandwiches & rolls.

Why this chutney?

Step 1

 Heat oil in a pan, roast red chili, green chilies, curry leaves and cumin seeds until chilies change color.

Step 2

Then add whole or crushed garlic, fenugreek powder, turmeric and salt.  Mix well & saute until garlic is lightly roasted.

Step 3

Add washed, sliced zucchini pieces and mix well until spices coat the pieces.

Step 4

Add tamarind, cover and cook on medium flame until zucchini is soft. continue to cook until juices released evaporate.

Step 5

Add cilantro, roasted sesame seeds, peanut powder and give a good stir.  Let the mixture cool.

Step 6

Transfer to a food processor, grind to a coarse paste. You can even make it a fine paste, depending on your preference.

 Serve pachadi with  rice, dosa or roti.

OR  use it as a spread for sandwiches and rolls.

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I am Usha, the author, recipe developer and the photographer behind MySpicyKitchen