Fish Pulusu, a Tangy Fish Curry

Fish pulusu or chepala pulusu is a tangy fish curry. It is a side for rice.

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Fish Pulusu or chepala pulusu is a tangy fish curry, a tamarind based gravy served with rice. It is a popular non veg dish in Telugu cuisine, popular both in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Fish pulusu or chepala pulusu is a tangy fish curry.  It is a side for rice.

What is Fish Pulusu?

Pulusu is a tangy gravy from South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. The tanginess comes from tamarind. Pulusu is prepared with many vegetables such as bhedi (okra), bottle gourd, pumpkin, peal onions to name a few and, with eggs and fish.

What Fish to use?

Here in US I use either Tilapia or catfish fillets. Back home, it is any firm fish. Pulusu with small fish is a delicacy and smelt and sardines would be a good substitutes here, though I never made it with these two variety of fish. Another delicacy is talakayala (head) pulusu and the gravy is prepared with fish head and tail. Normally the body is used to prepare a dry curry or for grilling and the head & tail goes into a gravy. Pulusu tastes good few hours after it is prepared and specially next day as the flavors of spices blend into the gravy.

Fish pulusu or chepala pulusu is a tangy fish curry.  It is an onion and tamarind based gravy and pairs well with steamed rice.

Guest Post for The Big Sweet Tooth

A year ago Rafeeda asked if I would be interested in doing a guest post for her ‘Be My Guest’ series. I immediately agreed and was scheduled to do it last July. Due to some unforeseen events, I had to postpone the post until this year. Rafeeda blogs at The Big Sweet Tooth and she has a delicious collection of recipes. Hop over to her blog to check her blog and also my guest post.

Chepala Pulusu Recipe You can find my chepala pulusu or fish pulusu recipe on Rafeeda’s blog.

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