Thandai, Sweet & Spicy Drink for Holi

Holi is a festival of colors, celebrated all across India. The way it is celebrated varies from region to region. Regardless of region, common element is playing with colors, applying to friends and family. In many western and northern Indian states, food is also an important element in celebrating this Spring festival. Apart from array […]

Instant Cream of Wheat with Nuts

This morning I got up early and as it is weekend,  U woke up late.  We had an early dinner last night and my stomach was rumbling non stop.  I could not wait for U to wake up any long and made myself some nutty instant cream of wheat for breakfast.  Later, when U woke […]

Cilantro Pesto Pinwheels

I am very happy to share with you all a recipe I came up with.  How I came up with this recipe is a long story.  I tried out a recipe I saw in a magazine. The recipe called for wrapping sausage meat in a pastry sheet, cutting it into ½” circles and baking it. […]

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