New Zealand – Anzac Biscuits

Anzac biscuits are very popular in Australia and New Zealand. These biscuits have a history and it is always interesting to know how the food got a name and the history behind it. During World War 1, soldiers wives made these biscuits and sent them to their husbands stationed abroad. Australia New Zealand army corp […]

Girdle (Griddle) Scones

For day 2 of breakfast, starting with a letter E-N from this list, I made Scottish girdle scones or griddle scones. Scots refer griddle as girdle and hence the name girdle scones. Scones are cooked in a hot pan or a griddle and the cooking time is faster than the oven baked scones. These scones […]

American Style Pistachio Raisin Biscotti

I am again late posting my Home Bakers Bake for this month. It has become a pattern. This time I did bake by 12th of the month but just did get to put it up on the blog. But, we do have 2 weeks time to update the blog, so I am still with in […]

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