Sooji Dhokla ~ Rava Dhokla ~ Semolina Dhokla

Dhokla is a farsan (snack) from Gujarati cuisine. It is a savory steamed cake prepared with fermented batter. The most popular and well known dhokla is khaman dhokla. However, there are many varieties of dhoklas prepared in Gujarat and sooji dhokla or rava dhokla or semolina dhokla is one of them. This reminded me of […]

Finland – Semolina Porridge ~ Mannapuuro

For F, I initially thought of cooking some French food. As I was looking for other cuisines, Finnish cuisine caught my eye. I initially did not consider this cuisine in fear that we might not like it and it might be bland for our palate. It was quite interesting reading about Finnish cuisine. There are […]

Tomato Bhaat

For this week’s Cooking from Cookbook Challenge, I have a quick and easy recipe; tomato bhaat. Is it tomato bhaat or tomato upma? After reading the ingredients list, don’t ask me why it is called Bhaat. I asked myself the same question last week, when I found this recipe in my recipes folder. I thought […]

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