Cooking Carnival – BM # 68

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Blogging marathon is a motivation for me to update the blog regularly. If you follow the blog, you probably know I do blogging marathons every month. Every month I do 3 day marathons for 2 weeks. Every year, in April and September, I do a month long marathon taking breaks on Sundays. I do these marathons with a group of bloggers. Initially, I was intimidated by the thought of doing a month long marathon but now, I really look forward to these mega or month long marathons. I have been doing this mega marathons since April 2014.

So far I have done Indian cooking odyssey in April 2014, Around the World in 30 Days in September 2014, Fire up the Oven in April 2015, Buffet on Table in September 2015 and Journey Through the Cuisines in April of this year.

As you have noticed, we have a theme for each marathon and we have one for this one as well. We have two options this time:

  1. Cooking with an ingredient or a category for 26 days.
  2. Cooking with one ingredient or a category every week; meaning each week the ingredient or category is different.

I decided to combine both the options. My main theme is option 1, cooking with a category for 26 days and my sub theme is option 2, one ingredient per week.

This time I had a difficulty finalizing the theme and the list. The difficulty was not because of a challenging theme, rather due to flexibility of the theme. Each time I sat down to finalize the theme and the list, the more confused I was on what to do. I always wanted to do option two, one ingredient a week. I then changed it to one category a week. Then I got a crazy idea of doing one non-veg ingredient a week. In fact I was very excited about it but did not want to torture my fellow bloggers, most of whom are vegetarians. Imagine their predicament, reading and commenting day after day on a non veg recipe, which they do not eat, have no idea how it tastes and smells. Considering this, I dropped the idea.

I finally decided to combine both the options. I will be cooking with a category for 26 days and every week I will be cooking with an ingredient that falls in my selected category. The selected category is “Cooking with Protein Rich Ingredients” and every week I shall be cooking with one protein rich ingredient. I hope you like my choice of theme and join me this September for protein rich recipes.

Hope you enjoy this cooking carnival.

Blogging Marathon, MEga Blogging Marathon, Blogging Marathon Announcement,

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