Coriander Mint Chutney ~ Dhania Pudina Chutney

Dhania pudina chutney is a chutney with fresh coriander mint and green chilies. It makes an excellent dip for fritters, kebabs and a great spread for sandwiches & wraps. Jump to Recipe or Pin It for later Upate – Images in the post are re-edited and resized to fit the current template. Old images were […]

Chili Cilantro Mint Popovers

After a day’s rest we are back to our baking marathon. This week my theme is savory bakes. For the first bake in this series are popovers. Popovers are light; hallow bakes made with egg batter. I baked my first popovers, rosemary popovers last fall for one of the baking groups. One of my group […]

Cilantro Pesto Pinwheels

I am very happy to share with you all a recipe I came up with.  How I came up with this recipe is a long story.  I tried out a recipe I saw in a magazine. The recipe called for wrapping sausage meat in a pastry sheet, cutting it into ½” circles and baking it. […]

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