Festive Thali – Saddula Bathukamma

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Bathukamma is a festival celebrated by women in Indian state of Telangana. It is celebrated for nine days, starting on Bhadrapada amavasya and concludes on Durga ashtami in Ashwayuja masam (month), which usually falls in September – October. The last day of the festival is saddula bathukamma or pedha bathukamma. This festival is celebrate by girls and women with great enthusiasm, specially in villages and towns. While most of India celebrates navratri, in Telangana it is bathukamma. Depending on the region, different prasadams (offerings) are prepared for the deity on saddula bathukamma.

In Karimnagar region we prepare five varieties of powders. Sesame seeds with sugar/jaggery, rice flour powder and moong dal powder. I canโ€™t recall the other two powders but I think one of them is with urad dal. In Warangal area however, five varieties of rice dishes are prepared. For today’s festive thali I followed Warangal norm and prepared pulihora, nuvvula annam, kobbari annam, daddojanam and paramannam. Even in Karimnagar region, we do prepare pulihora and daddojanam on saddula bathukamma but the main prasadam that is distributed among women is however, the five varieties of powders prepared with lentils and seeds using sugar.

Though I made these rice dishes as part of thali theme, I did not arrange them in thali. I only have one big thali and used it for my day 1 and day 2 posts. The other platters I have were not big enough to place all five bowls.

Saddula bathukamma, festive thali –

Nuvvula Annam – Sesame seeds flavored rice
Nuvvula annam, nuvvulannam, Sesame seeds Rice, sesame rice, til chaval,

Kobbari Annam – Spicy grated coconut flavored rice
Kobarri annam, kobarannam, Coconut Rice, Nariyal chaval,

Chintapandu Pulihora – Tamarind flavored rice
Tamarind Rice, Chintapandu Pulihora, Pulihora,

Daddojinam ~ Perugannam – Yogurt rice
Daddojanam, Perugu annam, Perugannam, Yogurt Rice, Curd Rice, Dahi chaval,

Paramannam ~ Bellapannam – A sweet rice dish with jaggery and flavored with cardamom powder
Bellam annam, Bellapannam, Paravannam, Jaggery Rice,

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Festive Thali – Saddula Bathukamma

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  1. We do make variety rice for many festivals here. All these dishes surely have a place in that festive thali. This looks so inviting and feeling nostalgic..

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