Sweet and Savory Diwali Recipes

Sweet & Savory Diwali Recipes Roundup

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Sweet &  Savory Diwali Recipes Roundup

Diwali/Deepavali is just around the corner and everyone is getting ready to prepare savories and sweets for festival of lights. I do not have a new recipe to share today but here are some savory and sweet Diwali recipes for this festive season. In the Diwali round up I includes both baked and deep fried recipes along with some sweet recipes I have on the blog. Jump to recipes

It is customary to prepare savory and sweet items before Diwali and distribute among friends and family. All the items are non perishable and have a self life of at least a week.

Before jumping to the compilation of Diwali recipes, if you noticed, I was away from blogging for 6+ months. This hiatus to blogging was unplanned, though I traveled a lot this past Spring & Summer. I went to India twice; once in April for 3 weeks and again in July for 7 weeks, and we also went on a cruise in June. All this traveling kept me away from blogging. Now, I am back with a list of Diwali recipes from MySpicyKitchen.

Here are some Diwali savory and sweet ideas

Baked & Sauteed savories

Here is the list of baked savories for those health conscious selves and people like me who stay away from deep frying fearing lingering cooking odor in the house.

Baked Mathris
Baked Mathri

Namak Para
Blogging Marathon, Fire up the oven, Baking marathon, Indian snack, deep fried to healthy bakes, Indian crackers, Savory Crackers, Savory Bakes

Masala Crackers
Spicy Crackers, Blogging Marathon, Baking Marathon, FireUpYourOven, Savory Bakes

Chili Garlic Crackers
Baking Marathon, Blogging Marathon, Savory Bakes, Crackers

Chickpeas Flour Crackers
Gram Flour Crackers, Spicy Crackers, Savory Crackers, Home Bakers Challenge.

Baked Mathri 2
Savory Bake, Cooking From Cookbook Challenge, Baked Matthi,

Spicy Puffed Rice ~ Murmura Mixture
Kara Pori, pelalu, blogging marathon

Deep fried savories

Chekkalu ~ Rice Flour Crackers
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Aloo Bhujia
Alu Sev, Alu Bhujia, CCChallenge, Ismail Merchant's Passionate Meals

Kara Sev
Kara Sev

Sago Muruku
Saggu Biyymu Murukulu


Moong Dal Laddu
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Rava Dry Coconut Laddu
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Rice Flour Laddu
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Besan Laddu
Shenagapindi Laddu 2

Microwave Kalakand
Microwave kalakand

Mysore Pak
Mysore Pak

Happy cooking and happy Diwali in advance!

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  1. Welcome back Usha. Looks like you had lot of fun in vacations.
    Love this compilation of sweet and savoury recipes. I am eyeing the rava fry coconut ladoo, will try it.

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