Indian Cooking Challenge: Vatteppam

ICC recipe for the month of March is Vatteppam, steamed rice cake/pudding from Kerala. Shn was kind enough to let us use her recipe for this challenge. The recipe was lengthy and looked complicated but I knew right away, it would not be as complicated as it appeared to be and I was right!  I missed last couple of challenges and was excited to try this new recipe. However, my excitement turned into disappointment once I made it. The recipe called for fresh coconut and I used frozen coconut. That was the culprit for my flop show. I wish I had followed the recipe and used fresh coconut!  🙁  The recipe calls for grinding soaked rice, fresh coconut and 2 tbsp of cooked rice to the make the batter.  The batter is then fermented for 6-8 hours or overnight.  Since I used frozen batter and fermented the batter overnight, the batter became smelly by next morning.  It had this strong rotten/spoiled coconut smell.  I still went ahead and steamed the batter to make vatteppam.  The taste was fine but the smell over powered the taste.   I also felt that I could have added little more sugar and it is just my sweet tooth! I made this yesterday and did not have enough time to prepare it again.   Here is my picture of the vatteppam and the recipe can be found here.

vatteppam, kerela steamed rice cake

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