Recap of Buffet on Table, Blogging Marathon # 56

I do blogging marathons (bm) periodically with a group of food bloggers. Every month we blog 3 consecutive days a week, at least two weeks a month and in the months of April and September, we do a month long marathon taking Sundays off. We call these month long marathons Mega Blogging Marathons. These marathons are theme based and in the past I did 3 mega marathons.

Indian Cooking Odyssey in April of 2014
Around the World in 30 Days with ABC Cooking in Sept 2014
Fire Up Your Oven in April 2015
and this past September it was Buffet on Table.

For the latest edition of mega blogging marathon Buffet on Table, we had weekly themes with a twist. The twist being, each post for a theme has to be from a different country or a state. Here is the recap.

Week 1 – Combos from around the world
Day 1 – Chocolate Brownie & No Churn, 2 Ingredient Icecream from USA

Blogging Marathon, Buffet on Table, Combo meal, brownie ice-cream, vanilla ice-cream, chocolate brownie, ultimate chocolate brownie,

Day 2 – Pindi Chana with Poori from Pakistan

Buffet on Table, Blogging Marathon, Combo Meal, Poori, Puri, Curry, Chickpeas Curry, Pakistani Curry

Day 3 – Sarson da Saag & Makki de Roti from India

Blogging Marathon, Buffet on Table, Punjabi Cuisine, Punjabi Food, Mustard LEaves curry, Broccoli rabe, Rapini ,

Day 4 – Baba Ganoush with Pita Chips from Lebanon

Blogging Marathon, Buffet onTable, Baba Ghanoush, Eggplant dip, Lebanese Food, Lebanese Cuisine, Mediterranean Food, Middle Eastern Food, Pita Chips

Day 5 – Minestrone Soup & Garlic Cheese Bruschetta from Italy

Minestrone Soup 4

Day 6 – Rest for Buffet on Table

Week 2 – Indian States
Day 7 – Thalipeeth, Thecha & Shevaayachi Kheer from Maharashtra

Thalipeeth, Thecha & Shevayachi Kheer 1

Day 8 – Alsande Tonak from Goa

Black-eyed peas curry, Goan curry, Goan Food, Goan cuisine, Tonak, Alssande tonak, black eyed peas tonak, Blogging Marathon, Buffet on Table,

Day 9 – Goli Baji & Coconut Chutney from Karnataka

Goli Baje

Day 10 – Laal Maas from Rajasthan

Rajasthani Laal Maas 2

Day 11 – Ven Pongal, Tiffin Sambar and Thenghai Thayir Pachadi from Tamil Nadu

Ven Pongal, Tiffin Sambar, Coconut Yogurt Chutney

Day 12 – Telugu Bhojjanam from Telangana

Telangana Thali 1

Day 13 – Rest for Buffet on Table

Week 3 – Condiments from around the world
Day 14 – Hummus from Israel

Blogging Marathon, Buffet on Table, Israeli Hummus, Chickpeas Dip, Condiment, Middle Eastern Food, Levantine Cuisine,

Day 15 – Creole Seasoning from USA

Creole Seasoning, Emeril Lagasse Creole Seasoning,

Day 16 – Harissa from Tunisia

Blogging Marathon, Buffet On Table, Condiments, Tunisian chili sauce, Tunisian Food, Red Chili Sauce,

Day 17 – Salsa Roja from Mexico

Mexican Sauce, Mexican Salsa, Mexican Red Sauce, Salsa, Mexican Food, Mexican Cuisine, Condiment, Mexican Condiment, Blogging Marathon, Buffet On Table

Day 18 – Perugu Pachadi ~ Cucumber Raitha from India

Perugu pachadi, raita, cucumber raita, Blogging Marathon, Buffet On Table, Telugu Meal, Telangana Meal,

Day 19 – Basil Pesto from Italy

Italian Food, Italian Cuisine, Italian Sauce, Basil Pesto, Pesto, Blogging Marathon, Buffet On Table,

Day 20 – Rest for Buffet on Table

Week 4 – Breakfasts from around the world
Day 21 – Breakfast from Japan

Tamagoyaki ~ Fried Omelet Roll

Day 22 – Breakfast from USA

American Breakfast, Breakfast, Eggs, Sausage, Bacon, Buffet on Table

Day 23 – Chilaquiles from Mexico

Chilaquiles - 1

Day 24 – Lablabi from Tunisia

Blogging Marathon, Buffet On Table, Chickpeas Soup, Tunisian Soup, Tunisian Food, Tunisian Cuisine, Tunisian Breakfast, Breakfast,

Day 25 – Nasi Goreng from Indonesia

Indonesian Fried Rice ~ Nasi Goreng 4

Day 26 – Atukulu ~ Poha from India

Poha, Pohe, Atukulu, Flattened Rice, Beaten Rice, Breakfast, Indian Breakfast, Snack, Blogging Marathon, Buffet On Table,

Day 27 – Rest for Buffet on Table

Week 5 – Travel Theme / Blogger’s Choice
Day 28 – Chili Garlic Shrimp

Chili Garlic Shrimp

Day 29 – New York City Sightseeing


Day 30 – South Street Seaport & Oktoberfest on Pier 15

Titanic Memorial Lighthouse

This day in 2014: Recap of Around the World in 30 Days



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