33 Colorful Food Roundup

A collage of colorful food

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A compilation of 33 colorful food prepared with natural food color; fruits and vegetables.

A collage of colorful food

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Why Colorful Food?

Fruits and vegetables are a good source of nutrients and, color of the fruit/vegetable signifies the main nutrient(s). Each color of a fruit and vegetable signifies the presence a particular vitamin and mineral. A single fruit or vegetable does not provide all the nutrients our body requires. Hence it is essential to include a range of colored fruits and vegetables in our diet.

Though most of us are aware of the health benefits, often times, food prepared with some of these super healthy fruits/vegetables is unappealing. So, the best way is to sneak in these fruits and vegetables into food. Food with sneaked in fruits & vegetables is colorful and tempts a fussy eater as well. Second, some of the fruits and vegetables are natural food colors, making the food healthy.

33 Colorful Food with Natural Ingredients

This list has 8 categories.


Colorful food - Acai yogurt bowl
Acai Yogurt Bowl – Mireille


Colorful Snacks Collage

Diwali Marundi – Priya Srinivasan
Spinach Muruku – Sandhiya
Cabbage Potato Tikki – Preeti


Colorful Condiments Collage

Madras Palak Chutney & Green Chutney – Valli
Ajwain Leaves Chutney – Sandhya
Beets Labneh – Priya Srinivasan
Salsa Verde & Carrot Hummus – Mireille
Beetroot Raita – Preeti


Instant Pot Vegetable Soup
Instant Pot Vegetable Soup – Usha (yours truly)

Side Dishes

Colorful Side Dishes Collage

Char Dal Tadka – Valli
Purple Cabbage Thoran & Aloo Rajma Masaledaar – Priya Suresh


Colorful Indian Breads Collage

Spinach Poori – Sandhya
Spinach Naan – Priya Suresh
Beetroot Poori – Sushma
Beetroot Poori – Preeti


Colorful Rice Dishes Collage

Spiced Curry Leaves Rice – Sandhya
Palak Khichdi – Ritu
Coriander Flavored Rice – PJ
Gongura Pulihora – Sushma

Sweets & Desserts

Colorful Sweets & Desserts Collage

Mango Coconut Ladoo – Priya Srinivasan
Double Decker Milk Powder Burfi & Sweet Potato Halwa – Sandhiya
Tomato Halwa & Sweet Carrot Rice – Ritu
Jamun Yogurt Popsicle & Carrot Sago Kheer – PJ
Carrot payasam – Sushma
Instant Pot Carrot Sago Kheer and Strawberry Shrikhand – Usha

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