Journey Through the Cuisines – BM # 63

It is end of March and time to announce what is coming up in April. You might ask what is so special about April? Well, if the entire country looks forward to March madness; NCAA Basketball tournament, we a group of bloggers look forward to April & September madness. Every year, we (group of bloggers) do a month long blogging marathons in the months of April & September, blogging everyday taking Sundays off. We decide theme(s) and all of us cook based on that theme. March is the month when we all get busy planning for the Mega April BM. I have been doing these mega marathons since last two years; Indian cooking odyssey in April 2014, Around the World in 30 Days in September 2014, Fire up the Oven in April 2015 and Buffet on Table in September 2015.

This April we are doing regional cooking and we have two options to choose from.

  • Option one is cooking from a region in India or one country. We need to pick a region or a country and cook from this region or country for 26 days of the month, taking a break on Sundays.
  • The other option is to pick 4 regions from India or 4 countries, and cook from a region or a country every week. So it should be 4 weeks of 4 different regions or countries.

The only rule we need to follow is that the dishes cooked should be in an alphabetical order in local dialect. Ex. We can do A for aloo subzi and not P for potato curry.

Join us from tomorrow onwards for this month long regional culinary journey, “Journey Through the Cuisines” and also to know which option I chose to do. Well, let me give you a hint. I am doing Indian cooking. To know if it is one region for 4 weeks or a region per week, you need to wait till tomorrow.

Do join me tomorrow on this virtual culinary journey.

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