Recap of Around the World in 30 Days with A-Z Cuisines

An year ago if someone had asked me to a do a month long mega blogging marathon (bm), I would have instantly said no. Here I am today, doing a recap of last month’s month long marathon and second one of the year. After the April mega marathon, I was unsure about doing another mega […]

Zambia – N’shima & Fried Rape

For the final day of the marathon, we travel to South African country of Zambia. Maize is a staple diet and is eaten as a thick porridge called N’shima, which is similar to grits or polenta. It is eaten with beans, green leafy vegetables, and dried fish or meat gravies. Common vegetables in Zambia are […]

Yemeni Ka’ak

Today we travel to Yemen, an Arab state in southwest Asia. Sana’a is the capital and also the largest city in the country. Yemen is a culturally rich country with the influences from various civilizations. Yemeni cuisine is unique from Middle Eastern cuisine and also differs from region to region. Chicken, goat and lamb are […]

Xalapa – Enfrijoladas ~ Tortillas dipped in Bean Sauce

Just like W, there is no country starting with alphabet X. The exception for X is similar to that of W. We can do a region or a city starting with these letters but we cannot repeat that country for the alphabet it starts with. I am doing X for Xalapa, Mexico. According to the […]

Wuhan – Re-Gan Mian ~ Hot & Dry Noodles

There is no country starting with alphabet W. We decided to do a city or a region starting with this alphabet but only catch is we cannot repeat that country for the alphabet it starts with. Had I done C for China, I could not have done Wuhan, China for W. So for W it […]

Vietnamese Stuffed Crepes ~ Banh Xeo

I cannot believe we are already on 22nd alphabet V and in 3-4 days our Around the World in 30 Days culinary tour will conclude. Of all the alphabets, V was probably one of the easiest I have done in terms of finding the recipe and cooking it. I did V for Vietnam. One day […]

Ukrainian Vushka

Today we travel to Eastern European nation of Ukraine that has been in the news a lot lately. Ukraine was part of USSR and hence the cuisine and culture is similar to that of Russia. Vushka (Voosh-kah) is popular in both Russian and Ukraine. Vushka is a mushroom and onion dumplings. Vushka means tiny ears […]

Turkey – Sekerpare ~ Cookies in Sugar Syrup

Today we stop in Turkey for some dessert. Yes, you read it right. I finally caved in to my Mediterranean sweets temptation. For the past 6-7 weeks we were off sugars and did not eat any desserts until last Thursday. We ate Anzac cookies few weeks ago and a kit Kat once or twice, but […]

Sri Lankan Shrimp Curry

Growing up, all I knew about Sri Lanka was it is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, neighbor of India, has a cricket team, Colombo is the capital city, LTTE rebels fighting for a separate state for Sri Lankan Tamils in northern part of the country and King Ravana of Lanka from the Hindu […]

Russia – Baklazhannaia Ikra ~ Poor Man’s Caviar

The day before we started this marathon I told Mr.U I was going to be busy the next one month as I will be on a virtual culinary world tour and he asked if I was stopping in Russia. He said I should not upset President Putin’s and be in his good books as he […]

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