Stuffed Flatbreads Across the Countries

A collection of 14 stuffed flatbread recipes from around the world.

Here is a compilation of 14 mouthwatering stuffed flatbreads from around the world.

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Flatbreads are flattened bread usually prepared with unleavened flour. Though most flatbreads use unleavened flour, there are a few exceptions. When flatbreads are stuffed, either with a vegetable or a meat filling, it not only enhances the flavor but also makes it a hearty snack and a meal. There are sweet and savory stuffed flatbreads in almost all cuisines.

Here is a list of 14 must try stuffed flatbread recipes from across the world, contributed by 5 bloggers including yours truly. Most of the recipes in this list are from Asia, middle East and Europe. It is amazing how similar some of the flatbreads across the countries are, despite the distance. Some of the stuffed flatbread taste a lot similar to Indian stuffed paratha, though there it caries in preparation.

14 Stuffed Flatbreads Recipes from Around the World

Collage of stuffed flatbreads

1. Mahjouba – Algeria (onion tomato filling)
2. Peas Paratha – India

Collage of stuffed flatbreads

3. Qutab – Azerbaijan (minced meat filling)
4. Patatesli Gozleme – Turkey (potato & cheese filling)
5. Masu Aluvi Roshi – Maldive (tuna potato filling)

Collage of stuffed flatbreads

6. Puran Poli – India (lentils & jaggery filling)
7. Bolani – Afghanistan (potato spinach filling)
8. Veg Quesadilla – Mexico (roasted vegetable filling)

Collage of stuffed flatbreads

9. Green Peas Paratha – India
10. Carrot Broccoli Paratha – India
11. Gobhi Paratha – India

Collage of stuffed flatbread

12. Bakshalu – India (lentils & jaggery filling)
13. Patatesli Gozleme – Turkey (potato cheese filling)
14. Msemen ~ Rghaif – Morocco (ground chicken filling)

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