Recap of Indian Food Odyssey

Uttar Pradesh Foos, Blogging Marathon,

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Last two, two and half months was incredible journey learning about various Indian cuisines, local produce, spices and herbs used in various Indian states. Last month a posted one recipe per state from 28 states and two union territories. Here is a recap of all the recipes I did for the Indian Food Odyssey. If anyone missed this month long blogging marathon or anyone of the recipes, can find them all here in one place. Enjoy the recap of this month long journey.

1. Andhra Pradesh – Hyderabad Haleem
Haleem, Hyderabad Cuisine, Lentils meat porridge

2. Arunachal Pradesh – Vegetable Thukpa, Vegetable Noodle Soup
Arunachal Cuisine, Sikkim Cuisine, Vegetable Noodle Soup, Blogging Marathon

3. Assam – Tilor Torkari ~ Sesame Fish
Assamese Cuisine, Sesame Fish, Blogging Marathon,

4. Bihar – Litti Chokha
Blogging Maraton, Litti Chokha, Bihari Cuisine, Litti, Chokha

5. Chhattisgarh – Chila ~ Rice Flour Crepes
Chila, biyyam attu, rice dosa, blogging marathon, Chhattisgarh Cuisine,

6. Delhi – Chole Bhature
Choley Bhatura, Chole Bhatura, Chana Bhatura, Delhi Cuisine, Blogging Marathon

7. Goa – Chicken Xacuti
A bowl of chicken xacuti with rice of bowl, lemon wedges and salt shaker on the side.

8. Gujarat – Khaman Dhokla
Gujarati Cuisine, Blogging Marathon, Steamed cakes,

9. Haryana – Gajar Methi Subzi
A bowl of gajar methi subzi or carrot fenugreek stir fry

10. Himachal Pradesh – Chana Madra
Channa Madra, Chickpeas in a yogurt gravy, Chickpeas Yogurt Curry, Blogging Marathon, Pahari Food, Himachali Cuisine

11. Jammu Kashmir – Kashmiri Rogan Josh
Kashmiri Cuisine, Kashmiri Hindu Cuisine, Kashmiri Pandit Food, Kashmiri Goat Curry, Kashmiri Mutton Curry, Kashmiri Mutton Rogan Josh

12. Jharkhand – Thekua
Thekua, Deep Fried Cookies, Bihari Food, Jharkhand Food, Blogging Marathon

13. Karnataka – Bisi Bele Bath
Sambar Rice, Karnataka Cuisine, Blogging Marathon

14. Kerala – Kerala Fish Curry
Blogging Marathon, Spicy Kerala Fish Curry, Bronzini Curry

15. Madhya Pradesh – Bhutte Ka Kees
Crushed and sauteed corn, Madhya Pradesh Cuisine, Indore Food, Blogging Marathon

16. Maharashtra – Sabudana Vada
Blogging Marathon, Marathi cuisine , Tapioca fritters

17. Manipur – Ngaa Atoiba Thongba ~ Fish Stew
Manipur fish curry, Blogging marathon, manipuri cuisine

18. Meghalaya – Tungtap (Fish Chutney) & Jadoh
Anchovies Pickle, Fish Paste, Blogging Marathon, Northeast Indian Cuisine, Cuisine of Meghalaya, Blogging Marathon

Pork Rice, Blogging Marathon, Northeast Indian Cuisine, Cuisine of Meghalaya, Blogging Marathon

19. Mizoram – Misa Mach Poora
Grilled shrimp, Northeastern Indian Cuisine, Northeast India Cuisine, Mizo Cuisine, Blogging Marathon

20. Nagaland – Liver Ganagal Leaves Chutney & Fish Chutney
Nagaland food, Blogging Marathon,

21. Odisha – Aloo Potala Rasa
Alu Potala Rasa, Potato Pointed Gourd Curry, Blogging Marathon, Oriya Cuisine

22. Pondicherry – Kadugu Yerra~Shrimp in Mustard Gravy
Coconut Mustard Shrimp, Mustard Shrimp, Mustard Prawn Curry, Blogging Marathon, Pondicherry Food,

23. Punjab – Amritsari Fish
Amritsari Fish Fry, Blogging Marathon, Punjabi Cuisine

24. Rajasthan – Kale Channe ki Kadhi
Whole Bengal Gram Kadhi, Whole Bengal Gram yogurt curry, black chickpeas yogurt curry, blogging marathon, Rajasthan Food, Marwari food, Marwadi Food

25. Sikkim – Green Brinjal and Habanero Peppers Stir Fry & Sel Roti
Green Brinjal Curry, Sikkim Food, Green Eggplant Stir Fry, Blogging Marathon,

26. Tamil Nadu – Kanchipiram Idli & Chettinad Chutney
Blogging Marathon, Tamil Cuisine, Kancheevaram idli, Kanchipuram idly, steamed lentils & rice cakes

27. Tripura – Kosoi Bwtwi (Green Beans Stew)
Kosoi Bwtwi 1

28. Uttar Pradesh – Jalebi
Uttar Pradesh Foos, Blogging Marathon,

29. Uttarakhand – Aloo Ke Gutke
Uttaranchal Cuisine, Blogging Marathon, Potato Fry, Potato Roast,

30. West Bengal – Dim Posto ~ Eggs with Poppy Seeds
Egg Curry, Egg curry with Poppy Seeds, Bengali Egg Curry, Bengali Cuisine,

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  1. Awesome usha such a visual treat and amazing photography……i shall try some recipes from this list for sure they look so tempting…….

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