Spicy Egg Mushroom Rolls

spicy egg mushroom rolls

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Few weeks ago, when I was browsing the through the blogs, I came across Meeta’s blog What’s for Lunch, Honey? She has a yummy blog and her spicy egg mushroom rolls caught my eyes. It is a quick and easy recipe and requires no before hand preparation. I made it couple of times and thought it would be a perfect entry for this month’s Monthly Blog Patrol and Nupur of One hot Stove is hosting it this month. The theme for the month of July is Less is More!

Eggs + Mushrooms + Cumin Seeds + Chili Powder = Spicy Egg Mushroom Rolls

spicy egg mushroom rolls

I followed Meeta’s recipe with couple of minor changes. She recommended 6 eggs and I used only 3 eggs. She seasoned her eggs with pepper and I used chili powder instead. The recipe for spicy egg and mushroom rolls is here.

This also goes to Tried and Tasted event hosted by Zlamushka.

5 thoughts on “Spicy Egg Mushroom Rolls

  1. Great entry. Love these rolls, that would definitely make my morning. Thanks for participating in the event, hopefully you ll find some time in next month´s challenge, as well.

  2. Wow now thats a nice entry, I am also in search of such easy recipe for MBP-more is less, gimme some ideas, I think I am running out and need badly…..

    Love the crispy rolls!

    MBP – less is more event is over, nupur even did the round up….

  3. Hey usha…. Nice to see ur blog… u have an amazing blog and some nice recipes…. well didnt see much of it yet… I am a vegetarian so have to sought out recipes from ur blog…. hehehe:)

    I saw the link from MSI(orkut)…. I am a member there..(present name : Ulta Pulta with a funny snap hehhehe)

    Nice one

    I am shubha

    Hi Shubha, I have a category Vegetarian. If you click that, u will get all the veg recipes that i have. BTW, u have a nice blog too… 🙂

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