Murgh Anardana ~ Dried Pomegranate Chicken Curry

Anardana are dried pomegranate seeds, used in Persian and north Indian cooking. Seeds are sour in taste and give a slightly sour taste to the food it is added to. Murgh anardana is chicken curry cooked with powdered dried pomegranate seeds. Chicken is marinated with anardana powder and then cooked into a curry or it […]

Chicken Curry with Cashew Powder

Depending on the region, the base for Indian curries is usually onion, tomato and/or yogurt along with combination of poppy seeds, coconut powder and/or nuts. In parts of South and south western regions of India, yogurt is replaced with coconut milk and some mughlai curries have cream. At my place and at husband’s place, the […]

Penne Pasta with Hot Italian Chicken Sausage

Few months ago I bought some pork sausage meat to make an appetizer to serve the guests I was expecting that day. I cooked the sausage and was going to assemble the snack after the guests arrived. Guests came late and I did not make the snack. Next day I made that into a curry […]

Desi Style Chicken Clear Soup

Today I have an easy chicken clear soup made in Indian style. This soup is mildly spiced, light and flavorful. Back home, bone soup with mutton is very common which I already posted here. The version I posted has some lentils in it, which gives the soup a thick base and can be served with […]

Doro Wat ~ Ethiopian Chicken Stew #FoodOfTheWorld

This month Food of the World is traveling from West African nation of Senegal to Northeast African nation of Ethiopia. Ethiopia shares a border with other African nations Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and Kenya. It’s capital is the largest city in the country, Addis Ababa. The best known Ethiopian food is injera, a […]

Xtra Spicy Golichina Kodi Koora ~ Xtra Spicy Chicken Curry

Today we have one of the toughest letters to work with in this A-Z Challenge, Journey Through Telangana Cuisine. There is no regional word, vegetable, fruit or dish that starts with X. To go around this, we decided to use an adjective. I had a few ideas but was unsure what to do for this […]

Indonesian Crushed Fried Chicken ~ Ayam Penyet

This month Food of the World is traveling to Indonesia. I made Indonesian crushed chicken with sambal or Ayam Penyet. Fried chicken is one of the popular meats in Indonesia and it is available in all roadside stalls and restaurants. Each region of Indonesia has its variation to fried chicken. This fried chicken is crushed […]

Baked Masala Chicken Wings

Ever since I came across this baked masala chicken wings recipe, I wanted to fire up the oven. I was excited as this would fit the theme for this month’s baking theme and thought even U would like it. When I mentioned I was going to bake these, he showed no interest what so ever […]

Jamaican Chicken Curry

For the 10th alphabet J, we travel to the Caribbean nation of Jamaica. Jamaican cuisine is influenced by Spanish, British, African, Indian and Chinese cuisines. Jamaica was first a Spanish colony and later under British rule. When slave trade was banned, British brought in Indians and Chinese workers. When there are so many nationals in […]

Bangladeshi Rustic Style Chicken Curry

For the second day of around the world in 30 days with ABC cooking, we travel to Bangladesh to taste this rustic chicken curry. Bangladesh was once part of India and the food is similar to Indian food, to be more precise the food is similar to Bengali cuisine. The recipe I chose for this […]

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