Doro Wat ~ Ethiopian Chicken Stew #FoodOfTheWorld

This month Food of the World is traveling from West African nation of Senegal to Northeast African nation of Ethiopia. Ethiopia shares a border with other African nations Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and Kenya. It’s capital is the largest city in the country, Addis Ababa. The best known Ethiopian food is injera, a […]

Accara ~ Black Eyed Peas Fritters for #FoodOfTheWorld

This month Food of the World is featuring the cuisine of Senegal, a West African nation on the Atlantic Ocean. Senegal was French colony until 1960 and French cuisine has influenced Senegalese cuisine. Apart from the French, West African and Portuguese cuisines also have an influence on this cuisine. Senegal is on the coast of […]

Um Ali for #FoodOfTheWorld

This month Food of the World is traveling to Egypt. I made a popular middle Eastern dessert that originated in Egypt. Um Ali is an Egyptian version of bread pudding. Um Ali means Ali’s mother and this pudding is also called as Umm Ali or Om Ali. There are two popular stories on how this […]

Hokey Pokey Ice-Cream for #FoodOfTheWorld

This month, food of the world is traveling to New Zealand. I did not do much research on the cuisine and decided the recipe the moment it is New Zealand for this month. Though the recipe was decided long ago, I made it only today. I had bookmarked this recipe year and a half ago […]

Israeli Halvah for #FoodoftheWorld

This month, Food of the World is in Middle Eastern country of Israel. I made a very quick and easy halvah with tahini. I had some leftover store bought tahini from this hummus preparation and it’s sell by date was fast approaching. I used all of it to make this halvah. Tahini is a condiment […]

Fried Potatoes with Mushrooms ~ Kartoshka s Gribami for Food of the World

This month, Food of the World is in Russia. Blini, Russian pancakes have been on my to try list for some time and could not cook them even for this event. Another recipe which I also want to try from Russia is Shchi, a cabbage soup. Maybe next time. For this month, I chose a […]

Norwegian Rice Porridge for Food of the World

This month Food of the World is in Norway. Norwegian cuisine is largely based on fish, game (hunted animals such as moose, reindeer, duck to name a few), preserved meats, dairy products and fruits. Waffles, pancakes and breads are staple food. Cardamon is a common spice used for flavoring. I did not have to do […]

Swedish Chocolate Cake ~ Kladdkaka

This month Food of the World is traveling to Sweden. To celebrate the food from this country, I made a Swedish chocolate cake. It is a soft, gooey cake and is also called Kladdkaka in Swedish, which means sticky cake. Wiki says this cake is also called the mud cake. I initially wanted to make […]

Husleves ~ Hungarian Pork Soup for Food of the World

This month Food of the World is traveling to Hungary. Hungarian food is based on meats, seasonal vegetables, fresh breads and cheese. Some of the food is spicy and common spice is Hungarian hot paprika. This cuisine has many stews / soups prepared with meats and fish. When I first did a research on this […]

Miso Soup for Food of the World

Food of the World is traveling to Japan to taste the cuisine of this island nation. Cuisine is based on rice, noodles and miso soup which are served with other side dishes. Side dishes included pickled vegetables, fish and vegetables that are cooked in broth. Most famous food from this nation is sushi, miso soup […]

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