Honey Vermicelli Payasam for breakfast!

Microwave Vermicelli Cereal

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Phew! I am almost at the finish line! This concludes my 15 day blogging marathon. It was fun doing the marathon but at times, it was a little stressful coming up with a post every day. A week into the marathon, I kept wondering how my buddies are doing a month long marathon? Kudos to you ladies! I also kept wondering how some people, especially Priya, manages to post at least a recipe a day, even when she is not on a marathon. And then there is Srivalli, how works full time, has three children (2 twins) and maintains two blogs which she updates regularly! I for one am exhaust doing a half marathon (15 days) and am taking at least a week break from blogging! I am now going to concentrate on reorganizing the blog and organize my kitchen, which has been a mess with all the cooking I was doing; bowls and gadgets laying on the counter top for the past few days. Now my kitchen counter tops are going back to their pre marathon state; measuring cups and measuring spoons back to their original places and blog ware (bowls & dishes I use for photos) back into top shelves of the cabinet. Blog ware goes on the top shelves not because they are low in priority but because I am a petite and lower shelves are for my everyday glassware, dinner ware & serve ware. The ones above that are for blog ware and also dinner ware I use occasionally.

A month ago, I got a new address for my blog and I wanted the search engines to pick up my new blog. The only way of doing it was to get more traffic. Even after the move, I was still getting traffic to the site, but I think most of it was from my old blog, which I redirected to this address. When I searched for MySpicyKitchen, my old blog was on top of the list and not the current blog. The only way to change that was to get lot more traffic here. Since I started the marathon, traffic increased and even my rankings in Google search. Now, this address is on top of the list when Google for my spicy kitchen and not my old blog. I guess the purpose was served. To keep up in the search engine rankings, I do have to update the blog regularly and generate traffic on a regular base and I intend to do exactly that. This marathon also pushed me to flush out some of the recipes such as goat roast, miryala chaaru and, ground chicken & vegetables pulao that were sitting my drafts for a long time. I still have few more unpublished posts which I need to be published.

Coming to today’s recipe, it is a quick and easy vermicelli cereal with honey. This has been my breakfast for the last 3 out 4 days, excluding the weekend. This serves 4 purposes; quick fix breakfast, incorporate milk in my diet, satisfies my sweet tooth guilt free and I don’t have to eat cereal!

Microwave Vermicelli Cereal

Preparation Time: 3 minutes
Serves: 1


  • 1/2 cup Roasted Vermicelli (not roasted bambino.. the one used for sheer khurma and a product from Pakistan)
  • 1 cup 1% Milk
  • 2 tsp Honey (adjust to taste)
Roasted Vermicelli


  • Take all the ingredients in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 2 1/2 minutes.
  • Stir to mix the honey well and dig in!
  • Can add some pecans and walnuts but I have not tried it with unroasted nuts though.

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11 thoughts on “Honey Vermicelli Payasam for breakfast!

    1. Raj, I don’t have the vermicelli packet. Next time I get it, I will let you know the calories. Excluding the vermicelli, it has 150 cal. (110 cal. for the 1% milk and 40 for the honey)

  1. the payasam looks yummy…glad to join u all this time in the marathon…
    looks like ur email came in the wrong subject…try posting it again in the thread which has the subject ‘FEB 9th -First Post’, so that everyone can visit ur blog!
    and also look slike you don’t have all the marathon bloggers list –check out the thread ‘welcome to 7 days blogging marathon’
    Late Y’day Srivalli sent an updated link…even Priya sent a widget link.


    1. Smitha, this post is from last marathon. I am yet to post my recipe for this marathon. Sorry for the confusion.. I posted the that link so that you guys can update the list. Thanks anyway!

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