Shevayachi Kheer ~ Vermicelli Pudding

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Last February when I met some of my blogging group friends in Chennai, Pradnya gave us a goodie bag which had a small packet of homemade whole wheat vermicelli. She said making vermicelli at home is a popular summer activity in small towns of Maharashtra. Sun dried vermicelli is then stored in airtight containers and used throughout the year.

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I made simple shevayachi kheer or vermicelli pudding with the vermicelli. Vermicelli was very thin, thinner than the bambino vermicelli. I wish I had taken a picture of whole wheat vermicelli Pradnya gave us. The kheer was easy to prepare and tasted awesome. I used skim milk as that was the only milk I had that day.

Blogging Marathon, Buffet on Table, Vermicelli Pudding, Maharashtrian Food, Maharashtrian Cuisine,

Source: Pradnya

  • 1 cup Whole Wheat Vermicelli
  • 1 ½ – 2 tbsp. Butter or Ghee (since I used skim milk, I used 2 tbsp. butter)
  • 2 ½ – 3 cups Whole Milk (I used skim milk)
  • 5 tbsp. Sugar (adjust to taste)
  • ½ Cardamom Seeds powdered
  • Few Strands of Saffron
  • 7 – 10 Cashew Nuts
  • 2 – 3 tbsp. blanched Sliced Almonds
  • Few Pistachios (I did not use as I did not have any at home)


  • Heat butter in a sauce pan. When the butter melts, roast vermicelli in butter until it is slightly roasted and changes color.
  • Crush cardamom seeds, 5 cashewnuts, 1 ½ tbsp. sliced almonds in a spice grinder. The powder should be coarse
  • Add 1 ½ – 2 cups milk, powdered nuts, saffron, stir and bring milk to a boil. Cook vermicelli stirring it constantly until milk reduces and vermicelli is cooked.
  • Add sugar and mix well until it melts.
  • If serving right away, add remaining milk and garnish with remaining nuts. Kheer tends to thicken as it cools. It is better to add remaining milk to the kheer before serving.


  • I used unroasted cashews for garnish. I felt I should have roasted even the cashews.

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