S&S Bake: St Clements Drizzle Cake

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Hello, everyone! I have been stranger to the blogosphere lately… 🙁 I was in India for 5 weeks and got back end of August. Since then, I was a little busy with guests and also a bit lazy to blog…. 😛

Today I am here with this month’s (month of September) Sweet & Simple Bake: St Clements Drizzle Cake. I followed the recipe as given Maria.  This was delicious with sweet and tangy lemon orange juice drizzle.  However, my fruit juice didn’t soak all the way down to the cake and part of the cake that did not soaked tasted like a regular vanilla cake, which was yummy too.  I might have simmered my juices for too long and made it too think that it could not go all the way down the cake pan.  The other mistake I made was not lining the loaf tin.  I had to turn over the loaf pan to remove the cake and all the juice syrup stuck to the plate.

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