Badam Halwa

I am participating in Indian Cooking Challenge after a long break. For this month, we were challenged to cook a traditional sweet, badam halwa. It is a rich halwa loaded with ghee. I used unsalted butter. Almonds or badam are soaked overnight, peeled, ground to paste, cooked in ghee, sweetened with sugar and flavored with […]

Jaggery Mustard Instant Green Apple Pickle

It has been almost 2 years since I participate in Indian Cooking Challenge. When I saw this month’s challenge, it reminded me of my summer holidays and the pickling day(s) at my paternal grandmother’s place. My grandmother was not a good cook, in fact she did not know how to cook but her co-sister who […]

Chenna Poda ~ Paneer Cake for Indian Cooking Challenge

For this month, recipe for Indian Cooking Challenge (ICC) is Chenna Poda. Chenna Poda is a dessert or sweet from the state of Orissa, India. Chenna is paneer, Indian cottage cheese and chenna poda is a paneer cake. Paneer or chenna is seasoned with sugar, cardamom powder and a few nuts, and is baked for […]

Indian Cooking Challenge: Sarvapindi ~ Ginnappa

Sarvapindi or Ginne appa is a rice flour pancake popular in Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh. I never heard or saw my cousins or aunts from Andhra region talk or prepare this pancake. So I am assuming this is from Telangana region of the state. It gets the name Sarvapindi or ginne appa based on […]

Indian Cooking Challenge: Vatteppam

ICC recipe for the month of March is Vatteppam, steamed rice cake/pudding from Kerala. Shn was kind enough to let us use her recipe for this challenge. The recipe was lengthy and looked complicated but I knew right away, it would not be as complicated as it appeared to be and I was right!  I […]

A snack from Gujarat, Khandvi

Khandvi is a very popular snack from the western state of Gujarat, India. It is prepared by rolling out cooked chickpea flour and yogurt mixture into swirls. My neighbors back home are from Gujarat and it was always on their party menus. Back then, I did not really care much for it and I barely […]

Indian Cooking Challenge: Varo

The recipe for October’s Indian cooking challenge is  Sindhi sweet called Varo, a dry fruits or nuts brittle.  Nuts brittle also called chikki, is made of jaggery in South India, unlike varo which is made of sugar.   Valli gave us two recipes and I adapted both the versions to make my varo.  Madhvi gave grams […]

Indian Cooking Challenge: Punjabi Pakora Kadhi

I was in India last month and could not part of last month’s challenge. This month’s challenge is Punjabi Kadhi, Simran’s recipe.  Kadhi is  a yogurt based gravy, cooked in several parts of India and each part of the country has its own way of preparing it.  Growing up, I had eaten kadhi at my […]

Indian Cooking Challenge: Bari – Dried Lentil Dumplings

This month’s challenge is Bari, dried lentil dumplings. These bari can be used in curries and stir fries to spice up and enhance the flavor. Valli picked Mamta’s recipe for  wadi/bari. Bari are sun-dried until all the moisture in the baris is gone and stored in an air tight container for up to a year. […]

Indian Cooking Challenge: Kara Sev

Last month I missed Indian Cooking Challenge and the challenge was to prepare my favorite street food, Pani puri!  I was super busy and could not be part of last month’s challenge. Despite a busy schedule, I made it a point to make some time for this month’s savory recipe; Kara Sev.  I thought of […]

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