Lightroom – How to Export Images

After editing images in Lightroom (LR), it is time to share the images either online or print the images. Today’s tutorial is about exporting images to share online or for printing. Before getting into today’s topic, here are the tutorials from the last two days. Day 1: Introduction to Lightroom – Library Module & Develop […]

Lightroom – How to Edit Food Photos in Lightroom

There are many online tutorials for editing photos in Lightroom (LR) but very few on editing food photos. When I first started using LR, it was a challenge. I was clueless what I was doing. Then I found some LR tutorials by Anthony Morganti. These tutorials are not for food photos but learnt a lot […]

Lightroom Tutorial Part 1 – Introduction

My theme for this week is a special theme and I chose to do a tutorial on Lightroom. In fact, Valli added this theme just because I said I would do a tutorial if there is such a theme for Blogging Marathon (BM). Thanks Valli, for including this theme. If not for BM, I would […]

Scored Potatoes

For the last day of this week’s marathon I have a baked potato recipe. This is another easy recipe I found on Taste of Home. There are so many wonderful recipes to choose from top 100 recipes, it was difficult to decide what to cook. I have bookmarked lot of recipes but had to eliminate […]

German Potato Bread ~ Kartoffelbrot

Today is the 14th day of this baking marathon and can’t believe we have reached half way mark. To check out all the recipes I have posted thus far, check here. Coming to today’s bake, fourth bread in this week’s bread baking series, I have a German potato bread that I bookmarked when Priya posted […]

Chocolate Chunk Blondies

As I mentioned in my last post, starting today I am doing a month long baking marathon, Monday to Saturday taking a break on Sundays. The only criteria that has to be met for this baking marathon is that all the baking/cooking has to be done in the oven. There are no sub themes and […]

Food Photography – Backgrounds, Props & Styling

For the last day of behind the scenes of my food photos, it is food styling which includes background and props used to style the photos. After showing you my gear, the settings and the lighting I use for my food photography, it is now time for styling the food. Food styling is an art […]

Food Photography – The Gear, Settings and Post Processing

For this week’s three day marathon, my theme is miscellaneous food and I chose behind the scene shots of my food pictures . As I mentioned last week, I was going to skip this Month’s marathon but this theme forced me to do it. I was nervous to take it up as I am still […]

Food Photography Exercise: One Ingredient

I usually do not take pictures of ingredients; spices, lentils, vegetables etc. before cooking. I focus more on finished dish and sometimes step by step photos of the preparation and seldom consider photographing raw food. This month, Aprana challenged us to photograph raw food and make them the stars. This is Aparna’s 4th in the […]

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