ARCHIVES December 2010

Recap of 2010

It is again that time of the year, time to look back on the year gone by and welcome  the new one. I was not even thinking of doing this post as I do not have much to look back on, as far as this blog goes. But again, it is always nice to do…


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New home!

Hello dear readers, this is MySpicyKitchen’s new home!  I will be moving the blog here tomorrow and update it very soon.  There is still some work to be done on this blog and will continue to do it as I blog.  Happy holidays until then!


Sweet Punch: Pear, Chocolate & Almond Crumble

Sweet punch for the month of December is Pear, Chocolate and Almond crumble. I made this for Thanksgiving dinner and everyone loved it. I followed the recipe Divya gave us, with a few substitutions. I made one and half times the given recipe and used both store-bought pears and garden pears. My cousin sent some…