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A round up collage of 31 delicious snacks and drinks to serve around 11 am

31 Elevenses Recipes

31 scrumptious, refreshing elevenses recipes! The list includes refreshing drinks, savory and sweet snacks, perfect for mid morning refreshments break. What is Elevenses? Elevenses is a 11am refreshments break, common in UK. It is a short tea, coffee and a snack break which often doubles up as a second breakfast. The snack is usually muffins,…


Collage of 17 easy delicious cakes

17 Easy Cake Recipes

17 delicious, easy to make cakes for the holiday season. As most of my regular readers know, every month I do theme based 3 days a week marathons. One of the themes for this month was cakes. Here is a round up of all the cakes I and my fellow blogging marathoners posted this month.…


A collage of colorful food

33 Colorful Food Roundup

A compilation of 33 colorful food prepared with natural food color; fruits and vegetables. Jump to roundup or Pin It for later Why Colorful Food? Fruits and vegetables are a good source of nutrients and, color of the fruit/vegetable signifies the main nutrient(s). Each color of a fruit and vegetable signifies the presence a particular…


Sweet & Savory Diwali Recipes Roundup

Sweet and Savory Diwali Recipes

Diwali/Deepavali is just around the corner and everyone is getting ready to prepare savories and sweets for festival of lights. I do not have a new recipe to share today but here are some savory and sweet Diwali recipes for this festive season. In the Diwali round up I includes both baked and deep fried…


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Recap of Cooking Carnival – BM # 68

26 mouthwatering protein rich ingredients featuring eggs, moong dal, chicken, yogurt and shrimp! Here is the recap of last month’s blogging marathon named Cooking Carnival. The theme for the Cooking Carnival had two options. Cooking with one ingredient or one category for 26 days OR cook with one ingredient or one category every week for…


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Cooking Carnival – BM # 68

Blogging marathon is a motivation for me to update the blog regularly. If you follow the blog, you probably know I do blogging marathons every month. Every month I do 3 day marathons for 2 weeks. Every year, in April and September, I do a month long marathon taking breaks on Sundays. I do these…